Website Security Protection Services Online, Now in the USA

Keep your customers and their data safe. Websites along with applications and networks form the lifeblood of a business. That is why TurnUpHosting accounts for high security for everything and everyone connected to the web.

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Automatically scan your website for malware and protect your online reputation

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TurnUpHosting provides you the option to get website security protection services online in the USA from SiteLock.
SiteLock uses advanced security technology to protect your website from malware and hacking.
These practices and many more help keep your online reputation intact.

Website security & malware protection for your website


SiteLock™, the global leader in website security, protects your website to give you peace of mind.

SiteLock’s Daily Malware Scanning identifies vulnerabilities and known malicious code and automatically removes it from your website to protect your website and visitors against threats.

Plus you get the SiteLock Trust Seal which builds customer confidence and is proven to increase sales and conversion rates.

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Professional security features for your website



Scans your sites for malware and vulnerabilities

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  • Daily Malware Scanning
  • 25 Number of Pages
  • Daily Blacklist Monitoring
  • SiteLock Risk Score
  • One Time Website Application Scan
  • One Time SQL Injection Scan
  • One Time Cross Site (XSS) Scan
  • Sitelock™ Trust Seal



Finds and removes malicious code automatically

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  • Daily Malware Scanning
  • 500 Number of Pages
  • Daily Blacklist Monitoring
  • SiteLock Risk Score
  • Daily Website Application Scan
  • Daily SQL Injection Scan
  • Daily Cross Site (XSS) Scan
  • Sitelock™ Trust Seal
  • Daily SMART Scans
  • Automatic Malware Removal
  • TrueShield Protection
  • WordPress Scan
  • Spam Blacklist Monitoring



Find, fix and prevent threats with website acceleration

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  • Daily Malware Scanning
  • 500 Number of Pages
  • Daily Blacklist Monitoring
  • SiteLock Risk Score
  • Daily Website Application Scan
  • Daily SQL Injection Scan
  • Daily Cross Site (XSS) Scan
  • Sitelock™ Trust Seal
  • Daily SMART Scans
  • Automatic Malware Removal
  • TrueShield Protection
  • WordPress Scan
  • Spam Blacklist Monitoring
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Global CDN
  • Content Acceleration

SiteLock Features

Provides a range of features designed to protect both your website and your business’ reputation:

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Malware Scan

Proactively monitors for and alerts you about any malware that is detected on your website.

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Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Speed up your website by distributing it globally and serving it to your visitors from the closest location for faster page load speeds wherever they are.

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Automatic malware removal

If a scan finds anything, SiteLock will safely remove any known malware automatically.

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The TrueShield™ Web Application Firewall protects your website against hackers and attacks.

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Protect your reputation

Daily scans help detect malware early before search engines have a chance to find it and blacklist your site.

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SiteLock™ Trust Seal

Give your visitors added confidence by showing your website is protected by SiteLock.

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Vulnerability Scan

Automatically checks your applications to ensure they're up-to-date and secured against known vulnerabilities.

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Fast automated setup

Instant and fully automated setup gives you protection immediately without anything to install.

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OWASP Protection

Get protection against the top 10 web app security flaws as recognised by OWASP, the Open Web Application Security Project.

Website Hacked?

Fix it now with SiteLock Emergency Response

If your website has been attacked and compromised get immediate emergency assistance to quickly recover your site. Here’s how SiteLock Emergency Response helps:


Immediate response

Get our fastest response time with analysis and work to recover your site started within 30 minutes.

Complete malware removal

If our automatic technology is unable to remove the malicious content we’ll perform manual cleaning.

Priority treatment

With the emergency package you get fast tracked straight to the top of the queue.

7 day aftercare

We’ll continue to monitor your site for 7 days to ensure that your site remains malware-free post recovery.

Real-time updates

Track progress with our real-time updates throughout the process of cleaning and recovering your site.

One-off payment

The emergency service is available for a single one-off fee, there’s no recurring fees or subscription.


Only $199.99 USD One Time for 7 days of protection

Web Security and High-rate Protection for Website, Now No More Difficult

The World Wide Web is full of harmful viruses including scammers, hackers, and crackers. Their only work is to gain access to your files, steal the data and misuse them at worst. If you have been searching for the most reliable website security protection online, then you have come to the right place.

Remarkable Security Features Associated with SiteLock

No more hassle of coming across “Not Secured” label on your website. Some remarkable security features assured include the following:

Protects apps, APIs, and websites

Helps in warding off all types of attacks along with bots that target applications, APIs, and websites. The protection level is always current against zero-day exploitation.

New network and firewall

New thinking is assured through new and less amount of resources for gaining firewalling for the next generation. Networking assured without backhauling traffic.

Full-stop to lateral movement

Several ways for mitigating risks associated with the attacker and lateral movement of ransomware. Network access is the concern of VPNs.

High protection to remote teams

Keeping global users safe from the attack of malware, phishing, and other web-related risks.

Scanning of the level of vulnerability

An automatic check is assured in the case of applications so that they remain updated and highly secured from the risks of vulnerabilities.

Firewall protection

Provides unwanted attacks from the hands of intruders including hackers and crackers. The daily scan helps in detecting attacks if any.

Speedy automated setup

Fully automated setup at an instant will ensure high protection immediately. No need to install any more software.

Automatic scan and malware removal

Proactively assures monitoring and giving alerts about malware on the website.

Trust seal

The provision of a trust seal will give your visitors the confidence that your website is safe and secured.

Did Your Website Get Hacked?

Come and Fix it Now before the Situation goes Out of Control

Suspecting the attack on your website by any intruder or a third party? If yes, then do not be late at the time of coming across expert assistance to ensure high protection for your website.

The SiteLock Emergency Response will help in assuring high protection of your website in the following manner:

Prompt response

Come across a remarkable number of benefits in the form of prompt response along with analysis. We will start our activity of recovery within a few minutes.

Protection through a complete malware removal

Automatic technology will help in the easy removal of malicious content including graphics. Else, we will return your money.

Affordable emergency packages available

The emergency package is available with us at an affordable price. Your query will get placed on top of the queue followed by the fastest tracking.

Continuous monitoring post recovery

Continuous monitoring of your website is promised for 15 days post-recovery. It is to ensure that your website is free from malware.

Fix security problems remotely

We will fix your security problems remotely. It will help in preventing scam attempts that remain on track.

Prevention from hacker infiltration

High prevention from infiltration of hackers. Also, prevention and best assistance are available to recover from identity theft.

Protect and Secure Your Website with TurnUpHosting

TurnUpHosting serves as an intermediate between web services and clients. The requests received from the client side get routed all along the firewall of the web. It is performed for monitoring questionable behavior. Every detail including the header as well as content is checked thoroughly.

The cloud firewall with the help of pre-defined rules helps in filtering those parts of communication that are highly malicious. The managed policies can be easily customized as per the risk and security needs of the application. We block fake traffic immediately and carry on with further tests for preventing harmful bots from proceeding further.

Whenever it comes to the turn of getting website security, users want to ensure that their websites remain protected from crackers and other online intruders. Availing of hosting services by TurnUpHosting will provide the following benefits:

360-degree view of application security – With our remarkable facility of 24/7/365 visibility, we assure getting catch hold of risk posture along with its impact on business. We make use of an integrated portal so that your website always remains on the safe side.

Virtual patching – TurnUpHosting shields some newly identified vulnerabilities that have not yet been included in the source code. It will help the coders to include security features in the applications at the time of coding.

Customized set of rules – Our easy-to-understand editor of rules permits users to enforce their policies along with protection rules. It is inclusive of limiting the rate, blocking IP addresses, whitelisting and blacklist rules.


Get Your Website Secure & Protected with TurnUpHosting

Worry no more if you’re worried about what could happen to your website in case of a cyber-attack! With more and more hackers out there, it is essential to protect your website from them. The best way to do this is by getting a website security protection plan from TurnUpHosting. TurnUpHosting offers an inexpensive protection plan that covers security all year round so you can rest assured that your site will always be safe and secure.

Why Get Website Security Protection with TurnUpHosting?
When it comes to website security, you want to ensure that your site is protected from hackers, cybercriminals, and other online threats. One way to do this is to use a hosting service like Here’s why:

1) TurnUpHosting offers unlimited bandwidth and storage space for your website. This means you can store as much information as you need on our servers without worrying about running out of space. In addition, we have a variety of security features available, including HTTPS and password protection. This means that not only will your site be protected from outside threats, but your users will also be protected from unauthorized access.

2) We have a team of experienced webmasters who are constantly working on updating our security features and improving our website hosting services. In addition, we offer 24/7 support so that if you encounter any problems with your site, we’re here to help.

3) TurnUpHosting offers competitive rates without cutting corners regarding website security. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to own a website, and we are committed to providing the best possible service at an affordable price.

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