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Your online journey starts here.

Creating a web presence requires the right platform. Get noticed using our drag and drop DIY Site Builder.

Whether you want to promote yourself or your business, our site builder is a template and wizard-based with guided content that is simple enough for beginners and feature rich for professionals. Feels like PowerPoint but with more muscle, elegance, and simplicity. A solution that you will enjoy using.

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Site Builder Features

Our Site Builder includes the full set of features.

icon 01 Drag & Drop EditorThe Drag & Drop Editor lets customers add and arrange website features directly on the page with predictive highlighting of areas for placement.
icon 02 Building FeaturesYou can use ready-made layout elements like text, buttons, photos, or icons to build any custom professional-looking website layout.
icon 03 Pre-designed Building BlocksYou don’t have to waste time manipulating content layouts. A collection of 350+ content blocks helps them build professional websites without any technical skills.
icon 04 Built-in Mobile-FriendlyWebsites will look great on any device. Templates are 100% responsive to all devices, including smartphones, tablets and desktops.
icon 05 Stock Photos IntegrationEmpower your website with a selection of over 200,000 professional premium photos in high-resolution. Our Site Builder also includes Embedded Videos and Image Optimization.
icon 06 Auto Save & BackupYou can be sure not to lose any work with real-time saving. The editor automatically saves everything while you work.

Sharing your story makes all the difference. Connect with your visitors through social media and your blog.

icon 01 Blog PageShare your story and connect with your visitors by adding a customizable blog to your website. Configure post appearance on your published website.
icon 03 Post EditorMake changes to a blog post after it has already been published using the built-in post content authoring tool and editor.
icon 04 Social SharingEncourage your visitors to like and share your content by adding icons for social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest to your site.
icon 05 Facebook Comments and LikesGive visitors the option to comment and like your linked Facebook page without leaving your website.
icon 06 Instagram and Twitter ConnectAutomatically showcase your Instagram photos on your website every time you post and keep your site visitors updated by displaying a live feed of your Twitter account.

Online sales can fuel your business. Build your website as a shop, boutique, or a store.

icon 01 Flexible PlansWhether you’re a boutique, shop, or full store, plans available for 10, 50, and 500 products.
icon 02 Secure and Worldwide PaymentsConnect with Paypal, Square, Stripe and over 50 trusted credit card payment providers to instantly accept credit cards.
icon 03 Easy and Quick CheckoutGive customers a faster and easier checkout with optional registration during check out. Provide a secure one-page checkout that includes customer order comments.
icon 05 Product Listing and ManagementChoose from multiple product page layouts and customize the descriptions and designs as you wish. Make it easier for customers to find products by organizing them into categories.
icon 06 Promotions, Discounts and CouponsCreate discount coupons or promotional codes to increase sales. Increase your conversions by showing regular prices alongside discounted prices.
icon 07 Stock ManagementInventory tracking helps to know if it’s time to replenish a product stock and what product variations are the most popular.

Business Accelerating Templates

wedding planner Single Page
Wedding Planner
tailor shop Single Page
Tailor Shop
gardener Single Page
writer Single Page
bookstore e-Commerce
mobile app Multi-Page
Mobile App
childcare Single Page
travel tours Single Page
Travel Tours
villa rental Multi-Page
Villa Rental
home decor e-Commerce
Home Decor
bike event Single Page
Bike Event

Get Site Builder to view all 150+ templates that give you a quick and easy way to get started.

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How does our Site Builder comparewith competitors?

User-First Design for all Skill Levels

Designed for simplicity and ease-of-use mean higher CSS (Customer Satisfaction Scores) and a better user experience.

Responsive to Mobile Devices

Saves a lot of time and effort when creating a website for different mobile devices.

Component-Based Building Blocks

The Pre-designed Building Blocks will help you build professional websites without wasting time manipulating content layouts.

No Coding required

SiteBuilder is not targeting professional coders. Our aim is to provide SMEs with a platform that anybody can use to create elegant websites that work on any device, in minutes.

Pay less for more

Half the price of other website builder tools but receive all the benefits and better features.